Sustainability and Green Economics
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In the first article of this series, three sustainability principles were outlined: Conservation, smart business models and the measurement of profitability. From further research into evolving green technology, industry analysis and general business trends, one common theme emanated that has probably not received the attention it deserves: the economics of going green. This is more than just the potential profits or cost savings from sustainable practices that is widely cited; the topic at hand is the moral responsibility to the planet, its non-human inhabitants & our future generations. For many of the Green entrepreneurs it’s the allure of sizeable profits, and for the multinationals that pour millions into Green R&D, it’s a reputation/business sustainability driver as the foremost incentive. But for the small-timers, the do-or-die corporations and the millions whose consumerist behaviors are encouraged every day, going Green doesn’t always carry a direct, immediate or exclusive benefit & is probably of secondary consideration at best.