Sustainability and the Cosmic Soup
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Whether or not the world’s climate is changing, and whether or not that change is man-made, our development is governed by the fundamental laws of science; we will not really run out of scarce resources, but given our present-day consumption trends they will eventually become diluted and transformed into forms that aren’t economically viable to exploit. In other words, we will find it increasingly difficult to discover and harness natural resources which may be present in either in hard-to-find places or ever-diluted forms, while at the same time in the process of consumption we convert most of these into economically un-useful byproducts. Most modern societies endeavor continuously to develop their economies and to improve living standards of its habitants, and if this advancement is driven by a pure profit motive, problems of sustainability will become more prominent. But being the most advanced form of life on this planet, we are smarter than to allow ourselves to decay into a cosmic soup of uselessness with symptoms of unbearable pollution, environmental destruction, and fighting over scarce resources. This paper presents an outline of a high-level sustainable development paradigm, which will hopefully raise the level of environmental consciousness among its readers.