Sustainability and the Cosmic Soup

We’re smarter.

All through history mankind has faced social and economic degradation, through economic recessions, epidemics, warfare and natural disasters. Being the most intelligent life form on the planet we have repeatedly survived and prospered, conquering all obstacles and then thriving, learning from our mistakes and moving ahead in leaps and bounds with renewed enthusiasm to take on the next challenge. The danger of the environmental problems we face however, is that it’s a slow boil process – it hasn’t slapped us in the face, it’s happening at a rate whose effect can only be seen over decades. Hopefully, we’re smarter than to wait for a slap in the face in order to act. Momentum is gaining in the world to develop renewable energy sources, conserve biodiversity and to plan urban development with minimal environmental impact. The development of modern economies based on Nash’s equilibrium, that sustainable non-zero sum games leading to win-win situations for all economic stakeholders, customers and suppliers, competitors and allies alike, must now be extended to include the sustenance and prosperity of the environment7. To that extent, sustainable development is based on three tenets: (a) conservation, (b) developing and engineering smarter business models, (c) ensuring that Father Profit always checks first with Mother Nature. This is the ethos for the new millennium and perfectly suited opportunity post-recession.