Managing Technology projects effectively


This is a collaborative effort where the requirements are reconciled with global standards, off-the-shelf solution availability and cost of implementation.

At design stage (if any) common mistakes are:
  • Overspecifying the solution. OK, so why do you want it? Its not rude to ask this question in the corporate context! Its quite common for customers to request every functionality to cater for every situation, and also every extra functionality in case the core ones break. And since this is software implementation, the mindset is often that these could be done and worse still the effort required to build the tools are underestimated.
  • Getting too close to the customer. In the past many professionals have advocated having full time customer involvement even during the development stage. However having the customer available 100% of the time in the development phase could lead to loss of focus, as the resource could emphasise development on those aspects important or relevant to him only. Rather having a ‘batch’ review process will diffuse the polarisation somewhat, where the resource could review and beta test several aspects as per initial design intent.