Toolkit for IT Project Management
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This document presents a toolkit for successfully deploying IT projects; the project methodology is based upon well known international standards such as PMBOK and PRINCE.

Project Organization

Steering Committee

The steering committee is an internal governing body whose charter is to ensure that all the provisions required for the successful implementation of the project are made available at the correct time, place and budget. This steering committee is constituted at project initiation and dissolved at the handover to support.
Its members will be made up of:
  1. IT project manager
  2. Departmental head/Overall Project manager
  3. Business Analysts
  4. Business Process Owner
  5. Support Organization

The steering committee will meet every two weeks and will review:
  1. Project progress against planned,
  2. High priority issues as per the issue log,
  3. High priority risks as per the risk register
  4. Change control*

*Note that depending on urgency the steering committee may need to meet on an ad-hoc basis to review and approve/reject the proposed changes.

Project team

The project team is responsible for the execution of the project and comprises the project manager (as the lead), project administrators and coordinators and Lead Engineers from the vendor, and at least one business representative.
The project team will meet every week and will record and review:
  1. Project progress against plan
  2. Issues (issue log),
  3. Risks (risk register)


Stakeholders are made up of all parties who may be affected by, or who may have any impact on the project design, execution and subsequent system operation. They should be provided with the weekly progress report.