Toolkit for IT Project Management
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OPERATE phase of IT Project ManagementKeywords: Stabilisation, Decommissioning, Handover to Support
After go-live there should be a period of Stabilisation of about 3 months, in which the project team is still active in assisting users, resolving P3 issues, and ensuring that all the final elements are put into place. This includes updating the system and user manuals, ensuring that the helpdesk is available, accessible and prepared, that production environment is stable, and finally engaging the support organisation to prepare them for handover.
The legacy system may be run in the background after Go-Live has been announced for verification/backup purposes only, for a maximum of 4 weeks. After this, the system should be “turned off”, where after decommissioning should begin. This includes: - Removal of software from client machines/ installation manager - Removal of server application/database - Archiving of all reference materials pertaining to the legacy system - Halting all operational expenditures relating to running of the old system.