The Recipe for IT Implementation Success

Business Process Reengineering

In their seminal work, Reengineering the Corporation, Hammer & Champy (1993) paved the way for the streamlining of business processes, facilitated by advanced technologies, while increasing the business’s attention to customer satisfaction. The development of ERP, SCM and CRM software in the 1990s was the perfect medium to facilitate the realization of the concept. The BPR concept grew both from the improved capabilities offered by these information systems, and also drove the need to improve the system capability. That is, armed with a new arsenal of tools that automated much of the data processing, companies could engineer more sophisticated business processes that delivered additional business value. As this topic is covered comprehensively in other works on the successful use and benefits of business process reengineering (Chang and Philip, 1998, Lillrank and Holopainen 1998), it is not explored further here.